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Study in Portugal

Study in Portugal from Pakistan

Nestled in Europe and sharing a border with Spain, Portugal is well known for its eclectic scenery and affordable cost of living. The cost of living, most especially, draws many young people to come study in Portugal from Pakistan. In fact, when you check the statistics of countries issuing student visas, you will realize that Portugal has got a substantial part in the student visa ratio. Although there are few English universities in Portugal,  the quality of education being offered is second to none. The weather there is perfect and you get to learn Portuguese. However, one keen requirement to study in Portugal is your ability to speak both English and Portuguese.

The educational system is dynamic offering undergraduate and postgraduate studies in a variety of fields. During studies, EU students are allowed to work freely without any restrictions. For non-EU students, your student visa work permit allows you to work for 20 hours per week and full time during holidays.

Portugal Student Visa Requirements for Pakistani

Pakistani students who would like to study in Portugal will require a student visa. Moreover, any non-EU nationality who wants to stay in Portugal for more than 90 days will have to apply for a visa. The following are the Portugal student visa requirements for Pakistani:

  1.     A valid passport with at least one blank page and not expiring in earlier than 3 months.

  2.     One colored passport size photograph.

  3.     Offer letter that confirms your enrollment into a university in Portugal stating the type, of course, you intend to study as well as the start and end dates.

  4.     A certificate showing no criminal record.

  5.     Proof of health insurance.

  6.     Evidence of payment of consular fee, about 170 EUR.

  7.     A completed visa application form.

  8.     Proof of accommodation confirmation from the institution you intend to attend or a confirmed hotel reservation. This should state the name of the hotel, the address,  contact number, and confirmation number.

  9.     A copy of your travel itinerary.

  10.     Proof of sufficient funds to cater to your studies and the cost of living throughout your stay.

  11.     Proof of ticket to affirm your departure arrangements.

  12.     English language proficiency certificate (IELTS/TOEFL).

Note: Student visa process can take up to 2-3 months. As an international applicant, you will have to fix an appointment with the consular for your student visa interview.

Portugal Study Visa Consultant in Pakistan

As a tested and trusted Portugal study visa consultant in Pakistan, we will guide you through on how to get your Portugal study visa. There are two types of visa that can be used to study in Portugal. The first one is the short-term or transit Schengen stay visa known as Visa C for short courses up to 6 months. The second is the Schengen National long-stay visa known as Visa D for students who want to study to obtain an academic degree. Depending on the type of visa you will like to obtain, you are in safe hands.

Portugal Study Visa Without IELTS

As a Pakistani citizen, you are a non-EU student and you may not be granted Portugal study visa without IELTS. However, English language requirements vary from one institution to another and also from one course to another.

English Universities in Portugal

Below are some of of the universities in Portugal with English taught courses:

  •     University of Lisbon
  •     University of Porto
  •     University of Coimbra
  •     University of Aveiro
  •     NOVA University of Lisbon
  •     University of Beira Interior
  •     University of Minho
  •     University of Algarve
  •     ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon

Tuition Fee in Portugal for Both Public and Private Universities

The average tuition fee for public universities is about 950 - 1,250 EUR per academic year for undergraduate and masters degree while for Ph.D. is about 2,500 - 3,000 EUR per academic year. For private universities, the average fee for any degree level is between 3,323 - 3,872 EUR per academic year.

Bachelors Degree Program

For the Bachelor's degree program in Portugal, you will be required to submit your transcript from your previous secondary school in addition to the other requirements stated above. Some institution will require you take an entrance examination which you must pass as an international non-EU student. This exam can be taken at the Portuguese embassy. Proficiency in Portuguese is usually required at this level.

Masters Degree Program

Masters degree program in Portugal involves you showing the certificate of your first degree or diploma. Masters degree program also known as second-cycle studies takes between 1.5-2 years to complete. This degree addresses theoretical knowledge with respect to the application and development of creative. Once you have completed this degree, then you can enter the third cycle studies (Ph.D.).


Anyone that wants to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Portugal must have earned 90-120 (Transfer and Accumulation System) ECTS credits from second-cycle studies. Some courses will require you to show a portfolio of your work as a requirement.