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Student Visa Australia from Pakistan

When you dream of studying abroad, does Australia come to mind? Well, gaining admission as an international student there is quite easy, you just need to follow due process. For sure, studying in a country like this is equal to getting a quality education. After you have received an offer letter from your chosen university, being able to get the student visa Australia embassy offers also gives you a chance to fuel your aspirations. However, funds have raised more concern and people worry about how to obtain the cheapest student visa Australia can offer.. As the best agent for Australia student visa, we will be able to guide you through how you can get the cheapest as you apply for student visa Australia with no hassle at all.

You see, as a Pakistani national intending to study overseas, there is a lot Australia has to offer. As one of the most popular countries in the world, you will enjoy the diversity and the friendly people forming what you may call 'live, study, play.' International students are made to relax like they are still at home. Also, this country has a high reputation for its impressive educational system envied by most countries. Graduates from there are highly sought after. It is quite easy to land a job after six months of graduating from the university, at least in most cases. During your study, international students are given the opportunity to work for up to 20 hours per week as it helps you to make extra income for yourself while gaining experience as well.

Australia Study Visa Requirements for Pakistani Students

Good news! Australia study visa requirements for Pakistani students are quite simple. The first thing is to know your visa type. So, based on Australia study visa information, the type of visa you will be getting is the subclass 500 which allows you to stay and study full time. To be eligible for this visa;

  1.     You must show proof that you have sufficient funds to live and study in Australia all through the duration of your stay.

  2.     You must have received an offer letter from a reputable Australian university to study full time.

  3.     You must have proof of health insurance.

Worthy of mention is, subclass 500 (student visa) is valid for the duration of your study and you may be required to renew your visa every year. However, for you to stay after your study, you might have to renew your visa or apply for another visa at the immigration office.

Intending Pakistani students can apply online. Upon your application, you might be called upon to give your biometric information and take a medical exam as well. It is expedient that anyone looking forward to applying for Australia study visa should be of a good character. During your visa application, you will be asked some questions in which the visa officer will keenly assess your character.

Study visa for Australia with spouse is achievable. So, for combined application such as this, you can declare them in your visa application. Although your family can also apply separately to join you later on. If there's a new member in the family like a newborn after you have applied for your visa, it will be treated as an exception. However, you must be able to show you have enough funds for your cost of living and that of your family members. You will also have to provide your birth certificate or any other evidence of a relationship, proof of health insurance cover, statement of account showing about 70,000 AUD annual income.

All in all, you must check out all the visa conditions stated in the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) and abide by the conditions. Also, know that you are bound to abide by the law and regulations of Australia.

Financial Requirements for Australia Student Visa

Truly, to study in Australia, you have to have enough money with evidence that you can actually pay for your course fee, accommodation, dependants, living costs and travel. The following are the financial requirements for Australia student visa;

  1.     You must have funds to cover for at least 12 months of living in Australia including your accompanying family members. Students personal income of 60,000 AUD is required while for those who will be accompanied by their family members will have to show evidence of at least 70,000 AUD annual income. Evidence provided can be from your spouse or parent as well.

  2.     If you are going to take a loan, you must provide an evidence of the agreement between you and the loan provider. You might need to provide evidence of the collateral you used to obtain the loan also.

  3.     If you are going to be accompanied by school-aged children, you will need to show you can also afford 8,000 AUD to cover for their tuition fee per annum.

Documents Required for Australia Study Visa

Most often, Australia embassy does not ask for original copies of your documents but will require you send copies of your documents. However, before you are asked to submit your documents for visa processing, you must have met the following requirements;

  1.     Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) or Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Students (AASES) letter from your institution. Your CoE should state your tuition fee as well as the start date and end date.

  2.     English language requirements.

Having had these, the following are the documents required for the Australia study visa:

  •     Copies of your English language test result (IELTS, TOEFL or PRE) which must not be more than 2 years.
  •     Certificate showing your qualifications.

  •     Character certificate.

  •     A copy of your passport.

  •     4 recent passport-sized photographs.

  •     Academic transcript or academic results documents. Your transcript should show your full name, the name of your institution, course title and the confirmation of the award.

  •     Proof of funds.

  •     Medical reports.

  •     Proof of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

Note that these requirements are constant even if you are applying for Perth student visa, Melbourne student visa, Tasmania student visa or student visa Sydney but maybe vary by institution.

Australia Study Visa Fee for Pakistani Students

Since every prospective student will be obtaining subclass 500 visa which is a study base visa for Australia, Australia study visa fee for Pakistani students is about 500 AUD as it is with other countries. If you are going to apply for student visa Australia online, you can make payments for the visa fee online. Payments can also be made by bank transfer or by visiting the visa application centre located in Pakistan. After all fulfillment have been made, you will have to wait for about 37 days before you will be able to know the decision on your application.

Australia Student Visa Fee in Pakistan Rupees

Australia student visa fee in Pakistan rupees will be equivalent to 500 AUD which is the standard visa fee, hence, it should be about 59,585.14 PKR. Kindly note that this is subject to change depending on the current exchange rate at the time of your application.

What's Your Qualification?

The plethora of world-class universities Australia has to offer has attracted many people to come study there. So what's your qualification right now? Australia might be the perfect destination for you to further your education. Even as an undergraduate, you can apply for Australia study visa after graduation for your masters degree and on to your P.hD.

Australia Student Visa Matric (Matriculation) Base

Australia student visa matriculation base allows you to gain admission into a public school. The age of the student will determine what level they will be placed from Year 1 to 12. Students must also have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Students whose first language is not English will be advised to take a one year English course. Students not up to 18 year will have to live with their guardian or parents as no accommodation is provided by high schools.

Australia Student Visa Inter (Intermediate) Base

For you to get Australia student visa intermediate base, you have to show evidence that you have completed your secondary school education or diploma or higher diploma. All other requirements will remain constant. The Intermediate base study is about 3 years and it could be 4 years depending on the course.

Postgraduate (ms) Student Visa Australia

As an international intending postgraduate student, you can seek for postgraduate (ms) student visa Australia offers. This type of visa is called subclass 574 which is a postgraduate research student visa. Your study will be on full-time basis and for the work restrictions on a student visa Australia has laid down, you will be allowed to work for 20 hours a week during your school session and for unlimited time during the holidays. Once you submit all the documents stated earlier, you are sure to land yourself a study visa. However, the documents required of you may vary with respect to your nationality and the course you will like to study in Australia. Visa subclass 574 applies to both M.Sc and PhD students.

Ph.D. Student Visa Australia

The Ph.D. student visa Australia offers comes with loads of benefit such that it is an automatic access to permanent residence in Australia. Once you get this visa, you will be allowed to live and work in this country for up to 4 years. Applying for a doctorate and research programs in Australia gives you access to top notch facilities and famous research opportunities to earn you international respect. All these and more will you get on PhD student visa.

Study Visa Types

The following are the student visa options Australia offers:

  1.     Schools Sector Visa (Subclass 571): This applies to students traveling for their primary or secondary school education.

  2.     Independent ELICOS Visa (Subclass 570): This is one of the study visa types for students going to Australia to study English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS).

  3.     Higher Education Sector Visa (Subclass 573): This applies to students who seek higher education i.e. B.Sc, MSc and PhD.

  4.     Vocational Education and Training Sector Visa (subclass 572): This is for vocational study or training qualifications in Australia such as Vocational Graduate Diploma, VET Diploma, Vocational Graduate Certificate, etc.

  5.     Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 580): This applies to parents and guardians of students not up to 18 years of age and is willing to study in Australia.

  6.     Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector Visa (Subclass 576): This visa applies to students sponsored by Australia's Department of Defence or Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs to study.

  7.     Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (Subclass 574): This is for masters and PhD students.

     8.       Non Award Sector Visa (Subclass 575): This is for international students           going to study courses in Australia that does not give an award.

Partner Student Visa Australia

The partner student visa Australia is curated to allow your partner live, study, have access to medical facilities and work in Australia while you study. Do ensure that you add your partner upon your visa application.

IELTS Band Requirements for Australia Study Visa

IELTS band requirements for Australia study visa vary from one institution to the other. At least a 5.5 band score can get you an admission and the study permit Australia gives to international students.

Without IELTS Study in Australia

It is true some courses do not require a test for English language proficiency. Do check with your institution if you can be allowed without IELTS study in Australia.

Australian Visa with 5.5 Band

As said earlier, the course you want to study will determine if you can get an Australian visa with 5.5 band score. So, check your course requirements with your university of choice.

University of Australia Without IELTS

Yes, you can apply to a University of Australia without IELTS and that is because the course you intend to study does not require it or English language is your first language.

Australia Student Visa Scholarships

Australia student visa scholarship are available to international students as well. Some of these scholarships are Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship, Australia Awards, Destination Australia, Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) and so on.